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Gradient Positioning Systems

A creative design firm inspired by innovation and rooted in results.

Design Firm

When transparency is a fundamental value in your business philosophy and sales process, accountability and open communication are at the crux of everything you do. But that’s just the beginning – visibility is also a critically important element of transparency. You already know who you are, what your services entail and how you conduct your business – making this clear to your clients through your marketing is one of the first steps toward serving their needs.

About Us

Gradient Positioning Systems is a creative design firm uniquely attuned to make the values of your practice readily apparent to your clients and help them understand your services. Inspired by innovation and rooted in results, our creative team allows you to take your practice further. We produce solutions that enhance your visibility by distinguishing your brand and clearly communicating your identity. It is the cohesive and dynamic connection between your marketing efforts and business practice that provides results through precision. Our team of graphic designers, web developers, and multimedia specialists offer a full menu of marketing tools and multimedia solutions covering a diverse range of topics, which may be relevant to your clients.

Creative Solutions

At Gradient Positioning Systems we don’t produce products, we produce solutions – solutions that distinguish your identity, enhance your visibility, unify your marketing efforts, and increase your production through print, web, and audio/visual creative solutions.

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About Us Video Shoot Web Audio/visual
Bookmark Print
Consumer Videos Audio/Visual
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Identity Package Print
Logo Design Print
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Premium Website Web
Splash Page Web
Tri-fold Brochure Print
Website Intro Video Shoot Web Audio/visual
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Yearlong Marketing Campaign Web Print Audio/visual

Financially Tuned Media Group

Financially Tuned Media Group was formed to provide you with the media technology and exposure you need to reach clients and help them achieve their goals in today’s ever-evolving landscape. Financially Tuned Media Group is the culmination of next-level technological ability with proven industry insight that has been built from the ground up. This concoction is conducive for creating connections that establish your expertise, broaden your audience and extend your reach. Rely on our present-day precision and trust in our fixation for the future.

Public Relations

Managing the flow of information between you, your organization and the public is crucial for connecting with your prospects and clients. You need the right strategy to ensure your brand and message hit the right audience. Our industry insiders have access to both national and local networks.


The pace of our modern lives is always increasing. We don’t have the leisure time that we once did. That’s why podcasts have seen such amazing growth. How can you get in front of this growing audience? A short, ten-minute podcast is easily recorded and posted to iTunes and Google Play. We provide the hardware, the script and the experience to get your podcast to your audience. All we need is your voice and ten minutes of your time.


Writing a book is a massive undertaking, but our Cover-to- Cover book program ensures your unique ideas and concepts can find their way onto the printed page without monopolizing your time. This program is another way to establish your expertise and help build your practice.

Social Media

In today's world, your business needs more than just an online presence – it needs a robust and dynamic online identity. By harnessing the power of social media, you can generate leads, establish credibility and expand your audience. Our social media team can help you create and maintain an ongoing relationship with your prospects and clients. In a very real way, you become a part of their social life.


Serving your clients begins with reaching them, and being on television can expand your reach further than you have ever imagined. Our team of media professionals can help you breakthrough in a medium that will put the value of the services you and your practice provide in the spotlight!


What better way to communicate the kind of financial services professional you are, the services you provide and the types of problems you help solve than to explain them to prospects yourself? Financially Tuned radio is specifically designed to generate leads and position you as the expert. It is prepared, recorded and produced on your behalf.

Virtual Marketing

Growing your practice means you need to get in front of more qualified prospects. But what can you add to your marketing to reach that goal? It's likely you have one or two primary prospecting programs, such as seminars or hard mail campaigns, but you probably know there is so much more you should be doing. What could you accomplish if someone did your marketing for you? Virtual Marketing makes marketing simple – when you turn it over to the pros, you reduce your workload, decrease your marketing expenses, and increase your income by managing your time more effectively.

A monthly newsletter is a cost-effective way to keep your clients and prospects informed and up-to-date with your office and industry news that is relevant to them. Offering both email and print newsletters, Virtual Marketing can execute this influential form of communication for you to keep your name and company top of mind.

Email marketing remains one of the elite and most effective channels for business communications, keeping you and your offerings at the top of your clients’ minds. Let Virtual Marketing help you execute ongoing drip email campaigns out of Virtual Advisor. Weekly email market updates keep those who are on your email list up-to-date with fresh, timely news using repetition to help brand your company. Additionally, the Virtual Marketing team can execute the New Generation Seminar Email Campaign on your behalf. By using the pre- and post-seminar campaigns, you can help guide prospects to your events, and keep them engaged both before and after your seminars.

A personal sentiment on a special day, such as birthdays or holidays, carries a lot of weight with your clients, members of your network and your prospects. Virtual Marketing can assist in sending customized gifts that are memorable and will help strengthen your client relationships.

Money, time and talent are key components of your seminar marketing. Allow Virtual Marketing to assist with the details of planning your seminar to ensure no stone is left unturned. The team can also assist with executing client appreciation or concept events, which are a great way to show your clients you value your relationship and potentially generate referrals.

Virtual Marketing can assist with a variety of other marketing needs, including the execution of press releases and lead entry. Press releases help let your local community know about important announcements and exciting news happening in your firm. Utilize Virtual Marketing to help create the content and contact local news outlets. Additionally, processing leads in your Virtual Advisor leads dashboard can be time consuming. Let Virtual Marketing assist in monitoring and processing your incoming leads.